Aqua Ultima
                                                 Change your water ...... Change your Life !!!
 Welcome to Aqua Ultima (Mother company of Economical Life Freedom Pvt Ltd)

Aqua Ultima is a leading manufacturer and exporter of residential and commercial revers osmosis systems. membranes and many other water treatment products with over many systems already in businesses nationwide.Aqua Ultima Unique feature and parts make installation easier and operation more reliable.
 Mother Company ELF is Committed to enhance healthy environment in the society.

As such, we have emerged as a leading solution provider for pure and safe drinking water designed to eliminate all contaminants, including solvents, pesticides, lead, metals and harmful microbes. Aqua Ultima has pioneered the revolutionary RO Technology, which is a breakthrough in delivering pure, safe and natural drinking water. 

Best Price Guarantee !!

Our price for Aqua Ultima RO Supreme Drinking Water Purifier are among-st the best you will find. offering savings of up to 50% off than the                   other manufacture in India & Mauritius. We offer very attractive and pricing on systems and parts to our Business Associate.